Increased indoor humidity creates issues in your home during warmer months. But the opposite is true during the later seasons. Once it becomes dry and cold out, it becomes crucial to raise your home’s humidity levels. A premier HVAC installation company in the area, Climate Systems Heating and Cooling, explains why.

It Helps Maintain Your Health and Comfort

Fall and winter temperatures in Pennsylvania can cause indoor air to lose its moisture. Dry indoor air is tied to several adverse health effects. For starters, it can cause chapped lips and dry and itchy skin. Not only that, but it can aggravate respiratory issues, allowing for symptoms like nasal congestion that make it difficult to breathe and sleep. You can avoid these issues simply by raising the humidity levels inside your home. The increased moisture in the air promotes greater indoor comfort while ensuring you and your family become less susceptible to colds and infection during fall and winter.

It Protects Your Home From Damage

Aside from poor indoor comfort and respiratory issues, low indoor humidity can also cause damage to your home interiors. When overlooked, the dry environment it creates can warp and bend wood elements in your home, from furniture and floors to doors and windows. In some cases, the low humidity may also cause the drywall to crack and the wallpaper to separate.

How to Increase Your Home’s Indoor Humidity Levels

The task is not as difficult as you may expect. Here are some of the things you can try:

  • Add hardy and low-maintenance plants inside your home because they continuously release moisture into the air via transpiration.

  • When bathing or showering with hot water, leave the doors open a crack to introduce more moisture into the air.

  • Turn to Climate Systems Heating and Cooling for a high-quality whole-home humidifier. Our exceptional options from Carrier®, such as the Performance™ Large Bypass Humidifier, can supply indoor air with just the right amount of moisture vapor so you can breathe easily and comfortably with less dryness, save on energy costs, and protect your wood furniture from warping and distortion.

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