Furnace sounds can tell you a lot about how it’s running. While some sounds are normal, like a low humming or blowing noise when it is on, some are too odd and loud that they should be investigated by an experienced technician to ensure everything is working properly. 

In this post, Climate Systems Heating and Cooling explains the meaning behind some of the different furnace noises.


When you hear clicking sounds from your furnace, it may indicate a problem with the thermostat; perhaps there’s something wrong with its internal wiring. Also, it can mean there’s something loose inside the unit. If screws and components are not securely fastened inside your furnace, they can create a clicking noise when they move around due to vibrations.


A banging sound coming from your furnace could mean a problem with the blower motor or ignition system. It can also signify delayed ignition, which happens when you turn it on after a long period of inactivity. If it happens too frequently, however, it might be because of the amount of fuel being burned inside the unit. In this case, you need an HVAC technician to inspect the unit.


Dirt and dust buildup inside your unit can cause it to make a rattling noise. Apart from that, there could be a loose panel or duct. Furthermore, screws and components can loosen and cause noise when the furnace runs.


A squealing noise from your furnace may indicate a problem with the blower motor. The belt could be misaligned, which can be fixed by putting it back in place. Sometimes, however, the component is already worn down, which means it needs to be replaced. Loose wiring or worn bearings on the blower motor can lead to severe damage and must be dealt with by your technician immediately.


Popping occurs when there’s an issue with the heat exchanger. It could be due to a blockage or obstruction inside the unit. Have your local HVAC expert find the source of the sound immediately to avoid possible furnace leaks.

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