A gas furnace is equipped with safety features to ensure that it poses no threat to your home and your family while it is in operation. As it ages, its components become worn down, reducing the system’s efficiency. Furnace issues start to develop as a result, some of which can be potentially dangerous if left ignored. Here’s a look at some of them.

1. Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is responsible for converting burned fuel into air blown indoors via ductwork. However, this component will eventually crack due to temperature fluctuations, which will cause it to expand and contract with time. The resulting cracks allow carbon monoxide to escape and find its way indoors, which is never good.

2. Incorrect Gas-to-Air Ratio

Your gas furnace should maintain an equal gas-to-air ratio to ensure combustion efficiency. If the ratio of oxygen to gas in your furnace is incorrect, it will produce more pollution as it burns fuel. You may observe soot in your furnace, as well as yellow or orange flames as opposed to brilliant blue ones. This issue can also result in delayed ignition, which might create a tiny explosion every time your furnace starts up.

3. Short Cycling

Typically, your furnace uses long heating cycles to keep your home comfortable. If these cycles suddenly get shorter and more frequent, something is causing the unit to short cycle. There are numerous possible causes of short cycling, including a filthy air filter. Replace the air filter and see if the issue resolves. If not, it is time to consult an HVAC professional.

4. Loud Booming Sound When Your Furnace Starts Up

Your furnace has an issue called delayed ignition if you constantly hear a blast or boom when it first turns on. It is an indication that it is receiving fuel, but the burners aren’t lighting right away. This causes gas to build up inside the furnace’s combustion chamber, which creates a small explosion once it’s lit. Numerous explosions over time can strain your furnace and may cause early component failure. A buildup of flammable gas is also dangerous, especially in an old furnace with a standing pilot. A flash fire may also occur when manually lighting the pilot light when there is still gas in the chamber.

How to Prevent Dangerous Furnace Issues

As a homeowner, you can best protect your home from these threats by regularly replacing the furnace’s air filter to prevent overheating. Installing enough carbon monoxide detectors is also recommended. Of course, to make sure your furnace works efficiently, have it inspected and maintained by a certified professional before the winter season arrives.

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