Your furnace is the last thing on your mind now that summer is still underway, but have you checked it lately? It’s been a long time since you’ve used it, and perhaps you’ve been having problems with it since then. If this is the case, you may want to have your furnace replaced with a newer, more efficient unit.

Furnace Replacement

A summer furnace replacement has its unique benefits. These include the following:

Easy Scheduling

Home improvement companies are usually busy tending to their customers’ needs during the summer, but the same can’t be said for HVAC contractors. That’s because homeowners schedule their repairs and maintenance in the spring and fall. A furnace replacement in the summer, while rare, makes sense when you think about convenience. HVAC technicians aren’t usually busy during this period, which means you won’t have to compete with other homeowners for their services. It is easier to schedule the furnace installation as well, giving you peace of mind knowing that your choice of contractor for this project won’t have other commitments except for your heating needs.

Greater Deals

Expect the latest models of furnaces to be rolled out over the last few months of the year. Those released last year? They’re likely to be sold at a discounted price. They’re still relatively new, and purchasing one makes it a great deal. But don’t pick just about any furnace you find – be sure to check its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. Go with a high rating, as this indicates that your new furnace can provide efficient heating.

More Time to Learn About Your Options

Scheduling your furnace upgrade this summer lets you research and compare your options. There’s no need to hurry since you’re not going to use it until after the temperatures start to drop significantly. Take the time to select your new furnace so you can experience better indoor comfort just in time for the colder months ahead.

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