Investing in an air purifier is one of the most effective ways to minimize the indoor air pollutants circulating in your home. If you’re planning to install one this winter season, you’ll likely choose between an in-duct/whole-home system or a portable unit. A portable unit may seem like a good choice at first since there’s no need for installation, but if you want cleaner air moving throughout your house, it’s better to get an in-duct/whole-home system installed. Climate Systems Heating and Air Conditioning shares more insight below: 

Why Whole-Home Air Purifiers are Better for Your House

The Main Differences

A portable air purifier filters the air in one room of your home. It’s convenient in that it just needs to be plugged in in order to start cleaning the air in your room. But while this is more affordable compared to an in-duct/whole-home system, it won’t be able to filter the air in your entire house. You’ll need to move the unit if you want to clean the air in other parts of your home, which can be tiring, especially if it’s heavy. The unit can also become noisy at times, and will take up precious floor space. 

On the other hand, a whole-home air purification system is installed directly in the air duct path of your ventilation system. This is done by a professional who can install it either before or after the air handler if your system has a central HVAC unit. While these systems may be a bit more expensive compared to portable units, they offer much better long-term benefits for your home.

Why You Should Get a Whole-Home Air Purifier

Compared to portable units, whole-home air purification systems are much more effective at maintaining good air quality in your home. Our whole-home systems such as the Infinity® Air Purifier and iWave® Purifier are quieter and much more efficient, and they’ll even help extend your HVAC system’s expected lifespan!

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