Refrigerant is the fluid that flows inside the coils of your air conditioner or heat pump. It absorbs heat from or releases it into the air passing over the coils in order to alter the temperature of that air. If your system was built before January 1, 2010, chances are it still uses R22 refrigerant, and you may need to reevaluate your options.

Heat Pump Uses R22

Our technicians at Climate Systems Heating and Cooling discuss your options below.


While a repair might sound like a straightforward solution, it’s essential to know that supplies of R22 will continue to become more limited and the price of this type of refrigerant will continue to increase. This means that you may end up paying more for a repair that utilizes R22 than the upfront cost of a new AC or heat pump. If a technician suspects a leak in your equipment, you must have it properly repaired instead of simply refueling the system.


If you don’t want to spend more money repairing your existing equipment, you may want to consider a cost-effective solution — replacement. This option allows you to purchase and install a new air conditioner or heat pump on your schedule without having to deal with the pressing matter of staying in a bitterly-cold or uncomfortably-warm home. Additionally, replacing your old R22 refrigerant system gives you considerable time to assess energy savings as well as thoroughly review the range of available replacements on the market. You can also find new features that weren’t available when your current equipment was purchased.

Are There Other Alternatives?

While it’s possible for a licensed HVAC contractor to retrofit your R22 refrigerant system with a different one, keep in mind that they simply can’t do it without additional modifications. R410A refrigerant, to be specific, operates at different pressure levels than R22, and the substitution isn’t feasible without engineering analysis. Plus, an incorrect retrofit and modification could end up costing you more than installing a new HVAC system with updated refrigerant.

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