The winter months can be a bit challenging. If you’re wondering how you can make your ductless heat pump more efficient this season, we can help! While there are many ways to do this, we’ll share some of the most effective ones with you today. 

  • Clean and replace your air filter. This simple task is guaranteed to make a significant difference. Before winter arrives, be sure that your ductless heat pump’s air filter is cleaned or replaced. Keep in mind that the filter in a ductless system is much smaller than that of a traditional unit, which means it will get dirty more quickly and will require more regular cleaning or replacement as well.

  • Insulate your home. It should be noted that homeowners do their best to keep cold air out of the house, using methods like sealing doors and windows until they’re air-tight. This makes perfect sense, because installing insulation and ensuring that barriers against the cold are strong is one of the best ways to make the most of heating systems–ductless ones included. Strong insulation and seals will keep warm air inside your house so that your family stays cozy and your heating bills stay low all winter.

  • Learn how to set the right temperature. Your ductless heat pump’s thermostat sensors aren’t placed on the wall at eye level, unlike that of a normal thermostat. They’re placed much closer to the ceiling because that’s where the air is usually warmer. As such, you’ll need to tweak your temperature settings a bit until you find what’s best for your home’s interior. Because the thermostat sensors are positioned near the ceiling and measure ambient room temperature differently, you’ll have to experiment to find the temperature that feels the most comfortable to you. 


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