Although snow can be beautiful, it’s a concern you, as a homeowner, have to be aware of, especially when there’s more of it than expected. The winter season can be challenging, especially for HVAC units. Should you have a central air conditioning unit with a compressor outside, keep in mind that the elements can take their toll on it during its off-months. In this post, we teach you how to protect your system effectively. 

  • Make inspections of the surrounding area. Don’t forget to check the surrounding gutters for leaks. A leaky gutter and water subsequently freezing on your HVAC unit could restrict its airflow and cause the entire unit to freeze.

  • Change your air filter. Before winter arrives, make sure that your unit’s air filter is clean. Your HVAC system works hard to disperse heat throughout your house, and having a clean filter will mean increased airflow and less work for your furnace.

  • Keep the exhaust clear. To prevent shutdowns, always make certain that there’s no snow or ice blocking your exhaust vents. This could create a critical condition where poisonous carbon monoxide gas gets pushed into your home.

Why Are These Practices Important?

It should be noted that cold winter weather can damage furnaces and air conditioners in quite a few ways. Unlike rain, snow and ice don’t evaporate right away. Instead, they build up and can cause a host of problems. Whenever ice and snow accumulate around, in or on your HVAC system, they make it harder for air to flow through them. When this occurs, air can’t circulate as well as it needs to. 

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