As the outdoor weather gets colder, you’ll need to prepare your home to stay warm and cozy indoors. As a homeowner, you wouldn’t want to have your HVAC system break down unexpectedly while in use, as this can impact your indoor comfort during the next few months. Our technicians at Climate Systems Heating and Cooling have put together a quick checklist on what to do:

Prepare Your HVAC

Clear the Surrounding Debris

Any fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris you see around your outdoor HVAC unit must be cleared by the end of summer. If you also notice vegetation that may have grown near it over the past few months, it’s also time to trim them thoroughly. Otherwise, they’ll obstruct your unit’s blower and evaporator coils affecting its overall performance.

Manage Your Thermostat Settings

During the fall and winter seasons, the temperatures and humidity levels can be much lower during nighttime. Essentially, you get a cooler interior that can lead to chills overnight or in the mornings! To avoid this, adjust your thermostat accordingly to add more heat and comfort indoors.

Schedule a Maintenance Check

To ensure your system runs smoothly during the colder months, you should have it checked by a professional service technician before fall begins. A DIY maintenance check won’t simply be as thorough as a professional one. You can count on a trained technician’s expertise to troubleshoot any issues they may find and make the necessary repairs so that your system performs efficiently when in use.

Check Your Air Filter

Before the start of fall, check your HVAC system’s air filter and get rid of any dirt from it by either cleaning or changing it with a fresh one. They keep the outdoor pollutants from entering your home, so they can be dirty and loaded with pollen, dust, and other debris that has accumulated in the last few months. By cleaning, your home’s indoor air quality stays fresh in time for the changing seasons!

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