Fall is just around the corner, which means it will get colder as the months go on. But with the changing temperatures also comes seasonal allergies, mainly caused by increased mold and pollen concentrations in the air. Even with a proper HVAC system, they still find their way inside your home and become allergy triggers affecting your overall health and well-being.

Air Purifier

Common Fall Allergies to Look Out For

Allergy season isn’t only limited to springtime. As you’ll spend more time indoors while the outdoor weather gets colder, the air can become stuffy and lead to different allergy triggers. Some of the most common fall allergies can also come from pets. They may carry outdoor allergens when they re-enter your home and affect indoor air quality.

Other types of indoor allergens include dust and dust mites, which thrive in warm, humid areas in your home. Mold can also travel in the air like pollen and cause allergy triggers in your home. The only way to reduce and manage allergies indoors is to invest in a proper whole-home air purifier!

How Do Air Purifiers Reduce Allergies?

Air purifiers work through a variety of techniques. The type you choose will mainly depend on its technology and how it can eliminate indoor allergens. Our iWave® air purifier, for instance, can be installed in your existing HVAC system to help clean the air in your indoor living space. When air passes through the iWave unit, it produces ions that reduce dust, dander, pollen, pathogens, and other airborne particles to keep the indoor air quality clean and safe to breathe.

If you’re looking to install an air purifier in your home, Climate Systems Heating and Cooling offers several products that suit your needs and preferences. Call us at (724) 935-3900 to learn more about your options. You can also fill out our online contact form to schedule a service appointment.

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