From day-to-day pollutants to pathogens such as mold, viruses and bacteria, a lot of substances can be suspended in the indoor air you’re breathing in. An iWave air purifier by Nu-Calgon installed in your air conditioning system can help clean the air in your living space. But how exactly does this technology work? Continue reading to find out.

iWave air purifiers

How iWave Technology Works

iWave uses patented needlepoint bi-polar ionization (NPBI) technology. This technology creates high amounts of positive and negative ions to be injected into the air stream. These ions break down pollutants such as pollen, dander and smoke and turn them into compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in order to create a healthy indoor environment.

When these ions come in contact with pathogens, they remove the hydrogen molecules so that the pathogens have no source of energy and eventually die. These ions also attach to allergens, causing them to band together until they become large enough to be filtered by the ventilation system. The iWave technology manufactures the same ions that nature generates with waterfalls, ocean falls, etc. The only difference is that iWave technology doesn’t produce byproducts that can harm the ozone layer.

Advantages of iWave Technology

The advanced technology that iWave offers is recognized by many professionals as the most effective air purification method. Meanwhile, other common air purification techniques call for ongoing maintenance along with bulb/cell replacement every two years. This makes the cost of ownership higher. iWave air purifiers have no harmful byproducts, and most models don’t require frequent maintenance. Moreover, Nu-Calgon offers a three-year limited warranty on iWave products.

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