Now that the colder months of winter are fast approaching, it’s important to ensure your home is ready for the change of season. Your HVAC system in particular should be checked and tuned up so that it can deliver optimal performance throughout the winter. 

Here Climate Systems Heating and Air Conditioning shares a few HVAC preparation tasks that you should try to accomplish before autumn ends.

Road-test your furnace. Turn your furnace on at least three times in the fall to check if it’s functioning properly. Don’t forget to adjust your thermostat to provide the desired winter temperature setting. Make sure your heating system reaches this temperature before turning the air off. If you think your furnace is due for replacement, consult HVAC specialists and have the installation completed before winter fully arrives.

Change filters and clean vents. Keep your filtering system in tiptop condition by changing the air filters. Doing so will keep dust and dirt from accumulating in your filters. Remember that excessive buildup of such contaminants can affect the performance and efficiency of the entire system. Furthermore, you should have your vents cleaned since these places can collect dust and dirt — which can further lead to obstructions and inefficient airflow.

Ensure appropriate thermostat settings. Swap out your old thermostat for a programmable one if you haven’t yet. Program the device appropriately so that your HVAC system is optimized for the winter season. It’s crucial for your system to be at peak efficiency so that your energy costs won’t go up too much and you can achieve maximum comfort in your space.

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