Your HVAC system is essentially designed to circulate air at a consistent rate in order to heat or cool your home and maintain the desired temperature. If your system isn’t operating as efficiently as it should, this could be the result of improper airflow. 

In this article, Climate Systems Heating and Air Conditioning shares some quick tips on how you can improve airflow through your HVAC ducts.


Fix ductwork leaks. The ducts are responsible for carrying warm or cold air from the HVAC system to the return vents. They should be sealed properly to prevent air from escaping as it travels through the ducts. That said, if your ducts have cracks or holes, air can easily leak through these gaps — resulting in inadequate airflow at the return vents and poor heating or cooling. In some cases, leaky ducts can be fixed, but for extensively damaged material, it would be best to replace your old ducts.


Check ductwork sizing. Proper sizing is crucial for the ducts to be effective at delivering good airflow. If they’re too large, airflow will be weak since the air has to spread out and fill the entire duct system. And if the ducts are too small, they’ll likely obstruct airflow and reduce the flow of air at the return vents. HVAC professionals can help you assess your existing ductwork and ensure proper sizing for the ducts.


Ensure adequate return vents. You should have enough return vents throughout your house that you can ensure suitable airflow in your indoor spaces. If there aren’t enough vents, the right volume of air won’t be able to exit the HVAC ducts. To fix this issue, HVAC contractors can add vents to your system to improve airflow in your home.


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