A well-functioning furnace cycles about two or three times an hour. This varies depending on external factors and the size of the equipment. A common problem many homeowners face during the winter months is a short cycling furnace. Here the unit turns on and off at quick intervals, preventing your home from reaching the desired comfort level. 

Why Does a Furnace Short Cycle?

There are several reasons why furnace short cycling occurs, which we highlight below:

Bad flame sensor. The flame sensor inside a furnace produces a small amount of electricity during ignition, which interacts with the igniting flame or ignition surface to ensure the right amount of gas is released. However, it is subject to excess dirt and corrosion. When it goes bad, it shuts off the flame almost immediately after it’s lit, resulting in a short cycling furnace. Cleaning or replacing this component is the best way to restore its function.

Furnace overheating. A furnace that frequently overheats will turn itself off to reduce potential damage to its internal components. Faulty temperature monitors will result in an inefficient system, leading to short cycling and temperature inconsistencies. Getting in touch with your local HVAC contractor for a furnace inspection and repair is the ideal solution to this problem. Sometimes, however, a quick check of your furnace filters is all it takes to minimize overheating. If they’re already dirty, consider replacing them with fresh ones to allow fresh, cool air into the system to be heated and dispersed.

Blocked registers. The grates you see on the floors, walls and ceilings allow heated air to leave the system and circulate throughout your house. If they’re obstructed, the furnace can’t release enough warmth to keep your rooms comfortable, resulting in short cycling and overheating. Make sure there are no furniture pieces or other home interior elements blocking the registers.

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