A significant amount of your time is spent at work, so it’s important for your workplace to be a safe environment in which employee health can be supported. This means keeping a clean, sanitary workplace and maintaining good indoor air quality.

How to Tell if Your Workplace Has Poor Indoor Air Quality

In this post, Climate Systems Heating and Air Conditioning discusses how you can spot indoor air quality problems at work. We also share a few tips on how you can improve your workplace’s indoor air quality.

Signs That Your Workplace Has an Indoor Air Quality Problem

Poor indoor air quality can be harmful to one’s health. To get an idea of the quality of the air in your workplace, you should pay attention to the health of the employees.

Oftentimes, when people start feeling sick at work, it’s mistaken for other health issues or stress. But if the symptoms go away as soon as you step out of your office, these are likely caused by indoor air pollution. Some of the symptoms include headaches, colds, allergies, trouble breathing, trouble concentrating and eye, nose and throat irritation.

But in order to confirm possible issues with indoor air quality, you can call in certified professionals and have them test the air in your workplace.

Tips on Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Workplace

Below are some tips that can help improve indoor air quality in your workplace:

  • Improve ventilation by opening up air vents and making sure they’re unobstructed. Opening windows once in a while is also helpful.

  • Replace all air filters regularly and invest in commercial-grade air systems like air purifiers and air scrubbers.

  • Bring some indoor plants into your office. These can absorb stale air and produce fresh air.

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