Many people love the fall because of its vivid colors, while for others, it brings a sense of comfort. However, fallen leaves can become a problem when they cover your outdoor HVAC equipment. This can cause issues such as clogged AC condensers, which can affect the performance of your heating and cooling system.

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Continue reading to learn how you can keep your AC’s condenser clear of fall debris.

Clean your outdoor unit before fall arrives. Before cleaning your outdoor equipment, make sure to first turn off the breaker inside your house, as well as the outdoor switch. Once turned off, open the outdoor unit to make the floor accessible. Gently sweep out debris buildup and remove leaves and other items within two feet of the base of the unit. Doing this allows for good airflow and helps prevent foliage-related clogs.

You can hose down the unit with water at low pressure to get rid of dirt, dust and other buildups in the fins. Moreover, if you have no experience with cleaning your unit, it’s best to hire a professional HVAC maintenance technician to take care of it.

Schedule a professional HVAC maintenance service. Before winter arrives, it’s a good idea to have your HVAC system checked and serviced. This will help ensure you stay comfortable throughout the months you heat your home. Routine maintenance will help keep your unit performing optimally and prolong its longevity.

A skilled HVAC technician will clean both your indoor and outdoor units, clean or replace filters and check the equipment for signs of damage. If your unit has issues, make sure to deal with them immediately to prevent breakdowns during the winter.

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