An essential decision many homeowners need to make when planning their air conditioning installation is picking between a ducted air conditioner and a ductless mini-split. In this article, Dimond Climate Systems discuss the differences between these systems and how to choose the best one for your home.

ducted vs. ductless air conditioning

Ducted vs. Ductless Air Conditioning

In a ducted air conditioning system, there are ducts inside the ceilings and walls of the house. Warmed or cooled air travels through these ducts and is delivered to the rooms via vents. On the other hand, a ductless air conditioning system doesn’t have ducts in the walls to supply conditioned air to each room. Instead, it sends refrigerant to several air handlers or blowers that are installed throughout the residence.

When to Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

If your living space has existing ducts, most experts will recommend going with a ducted system. This type of system is better at controlling humidity and circulating air inside the house since it’s able to cool the air in each room individually. If a sleek-looking appearance is also one of your main concerns, choosing a ducted air conditioner is the way to go since everything is hidden away in crawl spaces or behind walls.

When to Choose Ductless Air Conditioning

If there’s no extra room for ducts in the walls and ceilings or you simply want to preserve the high ceilings of your residence, going for a ductless air conditioner is the best move. Another scenario where installing a ductless system is beneficial is when you’re adding a room to an existing space, because it could be too costly to add ducts and connect them to your existing system. Finally, since forced air isn’t being distributed throughout the residential space via ducts where dust and dirt can build up, there’s less dust blown into your rooms.

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