Your home’s heating system should be in top condition to ensure your family’s comfort throughout the winter season. This means considering the factors that may affect it, which may otherwise become costly if not addressed properly. 



To get the most out of your heating system, be sure to avoid these common mistakes:


Neglecting to change the air filter. Dirty air filters can obstruct airflow in your furnace and slow down the heating process. This makes your system work harder to heat your home, which can result in increased energy consumption and high utility costs. Make sure to check your air filter regularly and replace it when needed. 


Not using the thermostat properly. Cranking up your thermostat won’t heat your home faster. For one thing, if you turn up the temperature and forget about it later, your furnace will have to work harder and longer, which means a higher utility bill. On the other hand, setting your thermostat too low will also cause your furnace to work harder just to keep indoor temperatures at the desired level. This means more energy consumption, which isn’t very energy efficient. Fortunately, this can be avoided with a programmable or smart thermostat. 


Not addressing drafts. If you’re having problems with drafts around your windows and doors, then you’re sure to have leaks. Cold outdoor air can pass through those cracks and holes, forcing your furnace to work harder to keep temperatures warm and comfortable, and therefore increasing your energy consumption. Make sure to seal up any leaks around your home to keep the heated air in.


Not scheduling regular maintenance. While maintenance is essential in order to keep problems at bay, many homeowners tend to get the service in the winter when the temperature is at its lowest and technicians are busy. Ideally, you should find the right time to schedule your maintenance to ensure your furnace works properly all-winter-long.


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